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  • MBl: Maximum body length in centimetres according to FishBase
  • BEl: Body elongation as Bl/Bd
  • VEp: Vertical eye position as Eh/Bd
  • REs: Relative eye size as Ed/Hd
  • OGp: Oral gape position Mo/Bd
  • RMl: Relative maxillary length Jl/Hd
  • BLs: Body lateral shape Hd/Bd
  • PFv: Pectoral fin vertical position PFi/Bd
  • PFs: Pectoral fin size PFl/Bl
  • CPt: Caudal peduncle throttling CFd/CPd

Work in progress

Ecological traits (South America)

  • Family: Family
  • Species: Species name
  • Migration: anadrome, catadrome
  • Diet: detritus, plants, zoobenthos, zooplankton, nekton, others
  • Reproduction: vivipare, ovipare
  • Activity: diurn, nocturn
  • Habitat_Water: channel, lake, estuary
  • Habitat_Compartiment: bedrock, sand, gravel, aquatic vegetation
  • Habitat_Salinity: freshwater, brackish, marine